November 04, 2019

Hi Vince, I have been studying your electrics books and putting into practice at the workshop what I’ve learned from these I must admit wish I had this info years ago.

The Story: one of my colleagues checked a BMW 1 series for a no crank non start . . . he reported it required a starter motor because it sounded it was faulty . . . . a new starter was fitted and guess what, CLICK no crank and there was smoke coming from the starter area . . . I went over to the vehicle (to help) he said the new starter is faulty it’s burning up . . . I asked him to check the earth on the vehicle and he pointed to a jump lead he was using . . . I said you need to check from the battery at the battery to the engine block he said I can’t do that the battery is in the boot . . . I said it doesn’t matter where the battery is you must check from there, needless to say it was not checked and he removed the new starter and ordered another one . . . today another new starter (the second starter) was fitted and you know what the outcome was, yes click and smoke . . .

I did the tests from FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro and found the engine block (voltage drop) was reading 10.5 volts . . . the earth cable was hanging together with dry corrosion when touched it came apart . . . and to top it all I found that the foreman also previously fitted a new battery too.

Thanks for your books I have learned from them in these situations. It gets frustrating when people just throw parts on, thanks to your books. I thoroughly carry out FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro checks and it does help massively once you understand all the tests,

Cheers Del, in England

September 23, 2019

I bought a book vehicle electrical troubleshooting SHORTCUTS from you two years ago. I must admit it really help me troubleshoot most of my electrical problems.

David W., Papua New Guinea

January 12, 2019

Hello sir, My name is Charles Perkins we talked last year for a while and I must say now after reading you instruction on the 60 lessons, SHORTCUTS and doing the practical lamp trainer and using my flip chart I am the go to guy in my shop.

I work for the military contract side dyncorp international. Thanks for all the help and instruction. Even though my peers see me as the go to guy I still need to learn more. I'm about to re-read the 60 lessons and take notes again. I also left a comment below referencing your school of instruction just so young techs can get a chance at real troubleshooting!

Charles Perkins

December 29, 2018

Vince, They were talking about things you were Thankful For this year. Well one thing I am thankful for is you and your electrical training.

Every tech working in the automotive field needs your training. As I have said many times, I wish in 1975 I would have had your training.

That would have made my electrical diagnosis a less stressful part of my career.

Vince, I appreciate all your training courses you provide. I appreciate everything you have done for me over the years. You are an excellent instructor, and a man of integrity.

Thank you and Happy New Year

Mark Ramsey

December 21, 2018

Hello Vince, i must tell you how Great your teachings are. I have understood Ohms Law after studying "THE" Course way more than any other book i have read.

Your Teaching is the Best one can ever have. Its AWESOME!!!

I just finished studying the first 30 lessons and just thought of studying up to semiconductors and integrated circuits then i will begin my Hands On training.

Taurai Raymend Harare, Zinbabwe