The Starter Kit, H-111A

Learn the principles of testing and measuring live vehicle electrical circuits with your DMM.

The Starter Kit, H-111A

Hands-on Kit

This circuit board shows you how to conclusively use voltage drop testing to identify circuit problems — especially those illusive and intermittent ones.

You will practice electrical troubleshooting by following 32 programmed troubleshooting problems that will teach you to find all types of electrical problems at any point in the circuit.

Electrical circuit troubleshooting is easy when you know how!

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See The Starter Kit, H-111A in action.

This Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 ea. 13.8V Power Supply H-PS01
  • 1 ea. Power Circuit Board H-PCB01A
  • 1 ea. Lamp Circuit Board H-PCB02A
  • 1 ea. Student Workbook H-WB111A
  • 1 ea. Instructor Guide H-IG111A
  • 1 ea. Resistor Bag H-RB01/02

What Next?

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