Webinar 008: Relays, Part 2 of (2)

"How to Troubleshoot Relay and Solid-State Relay Circuits.”

In this webinar learn what to check first if a mechanical relay CLICKS or DOES NOT CLICK then using a DMM and following the fool-proof step-by-step troubleshooting procedures outlined in this webinar to quickly identify the relay circuit problem.

Actual circuit voltage readings are given to identify all the ways a computer controlled mechanical relay circuit can fail. Identify what is wrong in a relay circuit when the relay is controlled by two different on-board computers at the same time.

Expect to begin to encounter solid-state relays in the growing fleets of electric autos, trucks and H.D.

This webinar covers troubleshooting solid-state relay (SSR) circuits with fool-proof step-by-step troubleshooting procedures. Follow these test steps with your DMM and you will find the problem. Learn how to tell if an SSR is “ON” or “OFF” and if the SSR is good when “ON.” Learn how to identify SSR device failures. You will know how to tell if the problem is with the SSR itself or the problem is in the rest of the circuit.

Have your webinar handout ready to take copious notes and record DMM readings to guide you through your next SSR circuit problem.

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