Webinar 005:
Understanding & Troubleshooting Solenoid Circuits (Part 1 of 2)

Solenoids or coils are electrical components that are activated when an electron current passes through it. Solenoids are used to control electrical circuits, mechanical devices and to direct the path of hydraulic fluid in vehicle systems.

This webinar covers ON/OFF solenoid operation in DC circuits and troubleshooting solenoids in circuits is explained. Here are some points that will be covered. What happens when a solenoid powers down? Is voltage measurement or electron current best to test a solenoid circuit? Why put a resistor in series with a solenoid? Why put a diode in parallel with a solenoid? Is a resistor or diode better to use for spike voltage suppression? Includes some things about solenoids you may never have known before.

Get the answers in this webinar. When you register you will receive a link to print out a copy of the webinar handout. Have it ready to take notes. (Part 2 Solenoids and Computers follows in a few weeks.)

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