Webinar 004:
How To Troubleshoot Any Electrical Circuit on Any Vehicle (Part 2 of 2)

Webinar Part 2 of 2 parts covers the last three common electrical problems that could occur in any vehicle electrical-electronic circuit.

  • How to use the "TTS" when the load is controlled by an on-board computer. How ohmmeters work and how to use them to find "shorts" in vehicle circuits. Mistakes testing a component's resistance in circuit are explained and the correct way is demonstrated.
  • What is a "short? A logical and easy way to find a short-to-ground when you use this technique.
  • What's the story on F.E.T. fuses? They can be a problem if you fail to do this first. What is the best way to find a short-to-voltage?

Final points of clarification on troubleshooting the 8 ways any vehicle electrical-electronic circuit can fail.

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