Webinar 002:
The Anatomy of an Electrical Circuit

The term Anatomy is the science concerned with the bodily structure of humans. People are composed of organs placed in the same location within the human body. It doesn't matter where or when a man or woman is born. Organs are the same internally and perform the same functions in everyone. Hearts pump blood. Lungs fill with air and muscles create movement. Doctors study these body parts and how they work together then treat people when organs fail to function.

Electrical circuits in vehicles follow a similar anatomy principle. Electrical circuits are composed of the similar electrical components arranged into complete circuits to perform predetermined functions. It really doesn't matter in what type of vehicle the circuit operates. An electrical circuit performs the same function and operates the same way whether on an automobile, a truck, a piece of heavy equipment, a boat or an airplane. In W002 we compare the common anatomy of electrical circuits which reveals many circuit similarities that appear in every vehicle circuit. This makes testing and troubleshooting vehicle circuits easy to perform. If technicians understand the anatomy of circuits and troubleshooting procedures, they can fix any circuit on any vehicle.

In Webinar W002 we analyze the essential anatomy of vehicle electrical circuits and explain their major similarities. I will share a method I have used for years to comprehend manufacturer's schematic diagrams that are hard to understand. The sections and the component parts of an electrical circuit are reviewed in the various ways they are arranged to provide a variety of vehicle functions. DC electric motors crank engines, pump fuel and move air. Solenoids shift transmissions, inject fuel into a cylinder and initialize a generator (alternator). Illumination circuits create light. Once the sections and component parts of an electrical circuit are understood, a technician can apply electrical testing procedures and troubleshoot any electrical or electronic circuit on any vehicle.

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