Webinar 001:
Clarifying a Major Electrical Misunderstanding

Watch this webinar first. Other webinars will build off of it.

Electrical misunderstandings are based on assumptions due to incorrect electrical understanding. Misunderstandings develop from work experiences attempting to comprehend the complexities of working on electrical problems without proper electrical training.

Over time, misconceptions grow into a false sense of reality. Misunderstandings waste time and money, create confusion and frustration because the real world of electricity doesn't work the way some think it does.

If you get frustrated doing electrical work and don't look forward to electrical problems this misunderstanding is probably the main reason.

Revealed in Webinar 001 "A Major Electrical Misunderstanding" is the a cause of one of the biggest problems most technicians have with comprehending electrical training, like these webinars, and then performing electrical work.

This misunderstanding prevents techs from enjoying electrical work and making money at it. This first webinar is a "need-to-understand" to benefit the most from Vince's future electrical webinars and your success doing electrical work.

The benefit from this first webinar is clarification of the misunderstanding to avoid confusion for this series of electrical training webinars.

Get ready for an electrical revelation.

Download the W-001 Handout PDF and follow along with the webinar.

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