Electrical and electronic training topics relating to auto / truck / H.D. circuit troubleshooting & repair.

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Webinar 003: How To Troubleshoot Any Electrical Circuit on Any Vehicle (Part 1 of 2)

There are eight ways a vehicle electrical circuit can fail. Any electrical circuit on any vehicle can only experience eight possible basic circuit problems. In this Webinar, W003 Part 1, we explain and illustrate the first five ways a circuit can fail and the troubleshooting procedure that reveals what the problem is in about one minute or less.

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Past Webinars

Webinar 002: The Anatomy of an Electrical Circuit

Analyze the essential anatomy of vehicle electrical circuits and explain their major similarities. Then how to use these circuit similarities to develop electrical testing procedures to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits and avoid common electrical mistakes.

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Attend or watch this webinar first. Other webinars will build off of it.

Webinar 001: Clarifying a Major Electrical Misunderstanding

This misunderstanding prevents techs from enjoying electrical work and making money at it. This first webinar is a need-to-understand to benefit from Vince's future electrical webinars and success doing electrical work. You need this clarification starting out.

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