Thank You For Your Order!

Shipping and handling charges are added to your order and are shown on your invoice or sales receipt sent to you by email. We ship your order by the most economical means.

Your order is processed in 2-3 business days. Make sure your complete street mailing address and phone number is on the shopping cart order form. This is very important for international orders. Email us right away with any address corrections.

Orders to US ZIP Codes is shipped by US Postal Service Priority Mail which typically offers 2-3 day delivery in most cases and good service at reasonable cost. Large orders to US ZIP Codes is shipped by UPS.

When your order is processed you will receive a sales receipt by return email that contains the tracking number of your order so you can track your order until delivered. Be aware this email may get dumped into your junk folder.

Duplicate Orders

Sometimes you may get an error message submitting an order using our shopping cart when the internet is slow to process your order and return a notice of order confirmation. If you place the order a second time we will receive both orders. Don't be concerned! We know what happened and we will only process your original order.

Any duplicate orders are promptly deleted.

International Shipping

The best option for international shipping is by Postal Service since it is the least expensive. We assume since you placed an international order with us you accept international postal charges and the cost varies between countries. We always try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Any international shipping by UPS or FedEx is available but must be specifically requested and you must approve shipping charges by email before we process your order.

If you have ordered a H-111A, Starter Kit and live in a country other than the USA we must know two things before we can process your order:

  1. What line (mains) voltage (110VAC or 220VAC) is available in your country?
  2. What type of wall plug is used (USA, UK or Euro)?

This info is necessary to match the Power Supply in H-111A to your country's electrical grid system. There is an additional $25.00 USD charge for an international power supply which will be added to your order. Email us with any questions.

About International Payment by Credit Card

We cannot accept credit cards as payment for international orders. Foreign credit card bank company rules make this necessary. In these cases we require payment by Western Union or a bank transfer of funds before your order is shipped. If using a bank transfer we will provide information on where to transfer the funds.

When funds are received we ship your order.


When your international order is shipped by US Postal Service be aware once your package leaves control of the USA Postal Service we no longer have the ability to track your order. It becomes the responsibility of the home country's postal service to deliver your order. It is out of our control. Please allow the necessary time for your order to be delivered to you which is determined by the time frame of your country's postal service.

Thank you for your understanding!

Please let us know BY EMAIL if you have any questions.

Email is the best way to contact us about international orders. Many long distance land-line connections are difficult to understand. Email us is best. Thank you again for your order!

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