November 22, 2017

Just wanted to drop you a note to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I can say, I am Thankful for meeting you and being able to say that You trained me in electrical like no other instructor ever had or has since we met. May God continue to Bless You

Mark Ramsey

October 06, 2017

Many years ago as a young technician, Vince's courses took my knowledge of electrical troubleshooting and cemented them into my memory. I became the guy who fixed electrical problems. Later as a service instructor many of his methods and equipment techniques were in my delivered training. No B.S. just knowledge you'll need.

Mark Spisak. Past student, College Level Teacher, Charlotte NC

July 13, 2017

I started out by taking your 60 lesson home study course. I enjoyed and learned so much from the home study course that I needed to go to Texas for your hands on class. Phase 1&2.

It was during that freeze in DEC. OF 2013 When all of Texas froze. We all had a really hard time flying out during the freeze and I had to stay another week stuck in my hotel room. I want to thank you for your kindness when you asked me to sit in on your Phase 3 class and participate in the class. The education you provide to technicians has really helped me in my career and made me a much better tech.

I just ordered your H-WB200 CAN BUS workbook to get up to speed on CAN BUS because all of our new fire trucks are running CAN BUS, my how everything has changed in the mechanics world. My boss always makes comments about a mechanic always carrying his lap top and not bending wrenches. Thanks for the kindness and the education.

Brett A., P.Fire department, Washington.

April 03, 2017

I recommend Vince's material. I had a high current draw (420 amps) on a truck starter and was able to troubleshoot it using V.E.T. SHORTCUTS. My problem turned out to be mechanical-a cylinder full of liquid, which does not compress!

Cj, Virginia

February 09, 2017

I can't say enough good things about Section 4 of your SHORTCUTS. It is excellent. Compared with what I know now about vehicle batteries from just one reading of Section 4 I knew basically nothing before!

Kenneth, Naples, FL.