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The vehicle service industry is in desperate need of technicians who can troubleshoot and repair electrical-electronic systems on today’s autos, trucks and heavy duty equipment.

With our electrical training programs you will turn out students who quickly are recognized as the "go-to-tech" for electrical work.

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Electrical SHORTCUTS

Students will learn how to troubleshoot a battery in less than two minutes using just a DMM and a Current Clamp along with DMM test procedures for cranking and charging systems and a section on how to read schematic diagrams.



Shows a student how to test the battery, two major ground circuits and the charging system performance "on-the-vehicle" in less than 5 minutes with a little practice.


Hands-On Training

We’ve specially designed 5 circuit boards for guided hands-on repetition that develops electrical troubleshooting skills and maintains interest to keep the student involved.

  1. Starter Kit H-111A (S)
  2. H-113(S) Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits
  3. H-115(S), Relay Circuit Troubleshooting
  4. Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer H-116
  5. CAN Bus Troubleshooting Trainer H-200(S)

What greater benefit can you be to your students than to prepare them for a meaningful career troubleshooting electrical-electronics in the vehicle service industry where electrical troubleshooting skill is in such great demand?

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"I feel like I was finally able to get through to most of my students teaching them about electrical circuits and troubleshooting using your program."Jeff C., WA

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What Next?

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is an in-depth instruction in vehicle electrical-electronic circuits and troubleshooting. This program is ideal as a back-up to our hands-on training programs.

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is now digitally available on-line here or purchase a print version here.

All 60 lessons have been translated and are available in Spanish!