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No need to send techs away for critical electrical training at great expense and lose their productive shop time! You can provide your auto/truck service technicians with electrical-electronics troubleshooting training while they're working in the shop using our training programs.

Enjoy immediate payoff and see instant results as techs begin to use this troubleshooting training on the very next electrical work order.

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There are 3 main products we recommend for Shop Owners:


Step 1

Electrical SHORTCUTS" shows a technician how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits on-the-vehicle with just a DMM and Current Clamp.

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Step 2

The flip-chart guides a technician through quick electrical tests of a 14V electrical system with one battery in about 5 minutes.

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The Starter Kit, H-111A

Step 3

This circuit board will teach you the principles of testing and measuring live vehicle electrical circuits with your DMM.

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What Next?

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is an in-depth instruction in vehicle electrical-electronic circuits and troubleshooting. This program is ideal as a back-up to our hands-on training programs.

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is now digitally available on-line here or purchase a print version here.

All 60 lessons have been translated and are available in Spanish!