Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting Shortcuts

Become the "go-to" electrical tech in your shop.

Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS

  • Batteries
  • Cranking Circuits
  • Charging Circuits
  • Reading Schematics

by Vince Fischelli
Veejer Enterprises

Packed full of how-to-do electrical troubleshooting procedures that are effective in finding electrical problems and save valuable testing and troubleshooting time which will increase your profits. Prevents changing unnecessary parts. No more guessing about what's causing an electrical problem. Find out quickly and fix the problem correctly the first time.

Buy in print $98.00 + shipping The complete Printed Volume with 250 pages, spiral bound with 170 illustrations and schematics.

Buy as PDF $98.00No shipping charge. PDF is read-only (no printing available). Complete volume ofSHORTCUTS Sections 1-7 in .pdf format is emailed to you the next work day. You will receive the complete book in a .pdf (read only) file by email.

See Electrical SHORTCUTS in action with this youtube series!

TW #10 - Electrical Testing Shortcuts with Vince Fischelli: Part One (Battery Testing)

ITW #11 - Electrical Testing Shortcuts with Vince Fischelli: Part Two (Starting Systems)

ITW #12 - Electrical Testing Shortcuts with Vince Fischelli: Part 3 (Charging Systems)

Learn to find the cause of an electrical failure while the circuit is still on-the-vehicle.

Topics of Seven Sections in SHORTCUTS

Imagine quickly repairing vehicle electrical problems on-the-vehicle in battery, cranking and charging circuits using only a DMM and Current Clamp. No need for expensive electrical testers dedicated to test these components and circuits.

SHORTCUTS provides explanations on how these circuits work and presents innovative electrical troubleshooting procedures for batteries, cranking circuits and charging circuits that anyone can follow!

What Next?

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is an in-depth instruction in vehicle electrical-electronic circuits and troubleshooting. This program is ideal as a back-up to our hands-on training programs.

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is now digitally available on-line here or purchase a print version here.

All 60 lessons have been translated and are available in Spanish!