The Relay
Troubleshooting Trainer, H-115

Learn how relays are used in vehicle circuits, how they fail and the troubleshooting techniques to fix them, once and for all.

The Relay Troubleshooting Trainer, H-115

Hands-on Kit

Before purchasing this product, make sure you own The Starter Kit H-111A as it is required to own this kit.

Troubleshooting Relays can be a difficult task given all the possibilities of how a relay circuit can fail.

What do you do after replacing a relay and it does not fix the relay circuit problem? Let us show you!

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See The Relay Troubleshooting Trainer, H-115 in action.

This program contains extensive step-by-step instruction and hands-on exercises. Techs learn to analyze the ways relay circuits fail, how to measure voltage, voltage drops, resistance and current in relay circuits and to identify relay circuit problems.

Tech also learn how spike suppression diodes connected across a relay coil work and what happens when the diode fails.

Lastly spike suppression diode testing with an analog ohmmeter, a digital ohmmeter and the Diode Test feature of a DMM is discussed with hands-on exercises to follow along step-by-step.

Troubleshooting Relay Circuits Module H-115 contains the following:

  • 1 - Relay Circuit Board. H-PCB05
  • 1 - Resistor Bag H-RB05
  • 1 - Home-Study Student Man. H-WB115
  • 1 - Instructor Guide H-IG115

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