Advanced Electronics Training Part 1 & 2

Advanced Electronics Training, Part 1 & 2

Advanced Electronics Training, is a 2-part book that lays the foundation for advanced electrical-electronics training following a step-by-step process.

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50 pages with over 33 illustrations of schematics and schemations presenting how the heart of a vehicle's electrical-electronic system functions with instructions how to troubleshooting this circuit.

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Contains 66 Pages with over 89 illustrations, schematics and schemations demonstrating how to troubleshoot a vehicle electrical-electronic circuit on any vehicle any time. Followed by an 11 Question Review Test.

What is advanced electronics training?

This has become a hot topic of discussion in the vehicle education industry with all the new vehicle electronic technologies and electric vehicles rolling off the assembly lines. Tech schools are asking what electronics training do we need to offer?

The answer depends on what job you want to do after the training.

What is the goal or objective in seeking advanced electronics training? As a vehicle service technician it's pretty obvious that your goal is to become the best tech in your shop fixing electronic system problems. You don't want to become an engineer, just be the tech that everyone calls on when an electrical-electronic system problem stumps everybody else.

In our industry today, you sign up for electrical training and sometimes wonder what level of electrical training is being offered. Is it going to be too basic or too advanced to comprehend and get the maximum benefit?

Here's the problem. There are few options for electronics training in the vehicle service industry and a lot depends on where you live, when the training is being offered, can you invest the time, can you afford it and so on? Is the training what some people call Level I, Level II, or Level III? Where do you fit in?

It's like trying to assemble a big jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces are piled high on the table. Your task is to pick up the pieces and put the puzzle together. Good luck!

The advanced electronics training I am offering is not a bunch of pieces that go into the puzzle someplace. I am offering advanced electronics training that shows you how to put the pieces of the electronics puzzle together into a clear finished picture. Don't focus so much on the pieces of the puzzle until you have the "big picture." Then you will know where all the pieces (training) you already have fit in the big picture.

Advanced Electronics Training, Part 1, lays the foundation for advanced electrical-electronics training following a step-by-step process. This is accomplished by showing you how the electrical-electronics system of a vehicle functions. What happens to changes in voltage? How does electron current flow through the electrical system and why do I need to know that? How are circuits connected into the electrical-electronic system? What are the most important things to consider troubleshooting a vehicle's electrical-electronic system problem.

Part 1 covers electrical system troubleshooting procedures for any make or model vehicle, whether it's automotive, truck, or heavy duty equipment. This training also applies to watercraft, motorcycle and aircraft electrical systems. They all follow the same electrical-electronic system pattern. If you understand this system pattern you are beginning to learn how to troubleshoot any electrical-electronic circuit on any type of vehicle you may encounter. Part 1 of this new series gives you an overall picture of a vehicle's electrical-electronic system so you will know how to arrange all the pieces of the electrical (training) puzzle you have acquired thus far.

Vehicle electronics is like a giant puzzle to put together with many little pieces. ADVANCED ELECTRONICS TRAINING, Part 2, focuses on the latest pieces that go into the puzzle providing an understanding of the newest electronic circuits being added to new vehicles each model year.

As vehicles become more complex, additional electronics training is required emphasizing how to test and troubleshoot these electronic circuits. If the assembly of your puzzle has a good beginning with ADVANCED ELECTRONICS TRAINING Part 1 , adding these additional electronic pieces (circuits) to the puzzle with ADVANCED ELECTRONICS TRAINING, Part 2, becomes a lot easier.

The objective is to test, troubleshoot and fix any electronic circuit on any vehicle regardless of make and model. Part 2 walks you through various advanced electronic circuit principles with testing and troubleshooting techniques these circuits and systems require.

Become the tech everyone turns to when an electronic system problem stumps everyone else.

What Next?

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is an in-depth instruction in vehicle electrical-electronic circuits and troubleshooting. This program is ideal as a back-up to our hands-on training programs.

The 60 Lesson Vehicle Electronics Training Course is now digitally available on-line here or purchase a print version here.

All 60 lessons have been translated and are available in Spanish!