The 60 Lesson Course

A comprehensive electric theory course designed to teach you how to troubleshoot and repair today's vehicles.

This course explains troubleshooting and repair of electrical-electronic problems encountered in cars, trucks and heavy equipment.

Lessons show you how these circuits work, how they fail and how to test them with a DMM, Current Clamp, Logic Probe and Lab Scope to identify the problem. This course will teach you to become what we call a "V.E.T." (a Vehicle Electronics Technician).

The 60 Lesson Course


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"The" 60 Lesson Course starts with an introduction to electrical circuits, vehicle electrical system troubleshooting with DMMs (voltmeters, ammeters and ohmmeters) and the DMM readings to expect in properly operating vehicle electrical circuits (lighting circuits, cranking circuits, charging circuits and other circuits such as DC Motor, solenoid and relay circuits.

Students learn to read schematic diagrams, understand solid-state electronic circuit operation (diodes, transistors, transistor drivers & integrated circuits). An introduction to digital electronics & logic gate circuits, computer principles & troubleshooting vehicle computer sensors & actuator circuits is also covered.

Every fourth lesson contains a Review Test of the previous four lessons. Answers are provided at the end of each review test. No need to send tests back for grading. Proceed through the 60 lessons at your own pace.

What Next?

We’ve specially designed 5 circuit boards for guided hands-on repetition that develops electrical troubleshooting skills and maintains interest to keep the student involved. See all kits here.

  1. Starter Kit H-111A
  2. H-113 Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits
  3. H-115, Relay Circuit Troubleshooting
  4. Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer H-116
  5. CAN Bus Troubleshooting Trainer H-200