Picture of Mini-Electrical System (M.E.S.)
Troubleshooting Trainer, H-116

Provides advanced level vehicle electrical system troubleshooting training!

Students learn how perfectly good circuits can be affected by problems in the wire harness.

Students learn to troubleshoot and repair a wire harness so it will never be necessary to replace a wire harness.

The M.E.S. (Mini-Electrical System)

(Size almost 20" long by 12.5" wide)

The circuit board at the top is The Power Board, H-PCB01 (from H-111) providing switched B+ and hot-at-all-times B+, as well as, B- the ground circuit.

Just below the Power Board is the Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer, H-PCB06 (from H-116) which simulates all functions of a wiring harness in a vehicle. Connected along the bottom of the Wire Harness from left to right is the Brake Light Circuit (Lamp Board H-PCB02 from H-111), the Fuel Pump Relay and Fuel Pump (Relay Board H-PCB05 from H-115) in the middle and the Engine Cooling Fan (DC Motor Board H-PCB03 from H-113) on the right.

There are 114 troubleshooting electrical wiring problems and each begins with a typical customer's complaint centered around the fault in the wire harness electrical system. You have the option to create additional electrical system problems.

The Student Workbook H-WB116 guides a student through a series of DMM exercises in testing and measuring circuits in preparation for troubleshooting this mini-electrical system. This program also covers finding shorts-to-ground with a digital ohmmeter and shorts-to-voltage with a DMM's voltmeter.

The Instructor Guide H-IG116 has all the instructions for inserting problems and the answers to all troubleshooting exercises.

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