"The" Hands-On Home-Study
Auto/Truck Electrical/Electronics
Troubleshooting Training Program
Using live circuit troubleshooting trainers!

For Automotive Service Technicians,
For Truck Service Technicians,
For Heavy Equipment Service Technicians,
** For Technical School Curriculums! **

You just can't beat live hands-on electrical training when you have a live circuit in front of you that you can test and troubleshoot using your own DMM. Simulating images and graphics on a computer screen to teach electrical principles just doesn't cut it. Been there - done that! Some companies do it that way to save money. It's not the best way for the technician. It will never replace live hands-on electrical training.

You really need hands-on live circuit troubleshooting with one of our electrical trainers and experience live circuit troubleshooting just like you would do it on a "real" vehicle electrical circuit.

All vehicle electrical circuits in autos, trucks, bull dozers, fire trucks and battle tanks (think Abrams) etc, work the same way and they all fail the same number of ways. The most common electrical circuit problems that occur are OPEN CIRCUITS and VOLTAGE DROPS, as well as, shorts-to-ground and shorts-to-voltage.

In other words, electrical circuits all fail in one of 7-8 ways. As you learn to troubleshoot a vehicle electrical circuit using our unique test procedures we teach you in this training program with our circuit board trainers you can troubleshoot any electrical circuit on any vehicle because they all fail the same ways. It's so easy when you know how!

Learn how to troubleshoot auto/truck electrical/electronic circuits with our hands-on troubleshooting training program using live circuits and your own DMM!

These 5 circuit board trainers replicate a wide range of vehicle electrical circuits so students see a wide range of possible electrical problems exactly like you would encounter in a vehicle.

The work book that comes with each Troubleshooting Electrical Trainer is written in an easy to understand style, with step-by-step instruction, so you can enjoy developing your electrical circuit troubleshooting skill with hands-on practice as you follow along. Everything you need is included with each kit (including an Instructor Guide with all the answers). Yes, it's easy when you know how!

No time is wasted building circuits. Simply plug the troubleshooting trainer circuit boards together, hook up the power supply, open to Page 1 in the Student Workbook and you begin to start learning the techniques of live circuit troubleshooting.

Each circuit principle and troubleshooting technique is illustrated with large schematic diagrams so you begin to understand reading schematics at the same time you are learning how to troubleshoot live circuits and learn how to use your DMM more effectively.

Once you have mastered the necessary troubleshooting techniques and understand the circuit you begin programmed troubleshooting live circuit problems just as they would appear in an actual vehicle circuit. Repetitious troubleshooting builds self-confidence and skill.

With this electrical troubleshooting training you will make a lot more money repairing vehicle electrical and electronic problems and have a lot more fun along the way in the auto-truck-heavy equipment service industry. You will learn essential electrical troubleshooting skills that can be used to troubleshoot any circuit on any vehicle.

Review these 5 hands-on electrical-electronics troubleshooting training programs you can study one-at-a-time at home, in the shop. Some technical schools also use this curriculum to teach their students to troubleshoot electrical & electronic circuits. Click on the links below to review full details of each trainer!
5 Short demonstration videos are on YouTube for each kit!

Begin with The Starter Kit, H-111A.

To view a short video on YouTube introducing the H-111A, in the YouTube search bar type "H-111A vince" to see the latest version.

This is the first step in hands-on study of electrical circuit troubleshooting. The Starter Kit contains two fully assembled circuit boards that snap together and a DC power supply. The Hands-On Student Workbook, H-WB111A, is completely revised and updated. An Instructor Guide has all the answers.

Click on this link for more details about the Starter Kit H-111A and to place an order.

If you like some sample pages of the workbook to see what is covered and how we can teach you to troubleshoot electrical circuits with this electrical trainer CLICK HERE and read the first 16 pages.

To order additional H-WB111A workbooks CLICK HERE

TEACHERS to order the H-111A Power Point CLICK HERE

There are 32 electrical problems to practice troubleshooting live circuits covering OPEN circuits. Vds (voltage drops) and short-to-ground problems. The workbook has the explanations to guide at home or in the shop study. It is also used in tech schools around the country.(We have power supplies for UK and Euro at an additional charge. Be sure to specify the line (mains) voltage is in your country and the type of power connector you need; UK, Euro or USA.)


Follow up with the DC Motor circuit trainer!
The DC Motor Troubleshooting Trainer, H-113

To view a short video on YouTube introducing H-113, type in the YouTube search bar "H-113 vince" to watch the latest version.

This DC Motor troubleshooting trainer connects to the Power Board from the Starter Kit as shown here. The workbook explains brush less DC Motor operation and troubleshooting techniques unique to DC Motor circuits. Also included is troubleshooting wire wound DC Motors. The Student Workbook, H-WB113 provides all instructions for troubleshooting 37 live electrical problems and 5 advanced electrical problems with multiple faults. An included Instructor Guide has all the answers to exercises and troubleshooting problems. For more details on this trainer or to order go to this web page.

To order additional H-WB113 DC Motor workbooks CLICK HERE

TEACHERS: To order the H-113 Power Point CLICK HERE

Follow up with the relay circuit trainer!
The Relay Troubleshooting Trainer, H-115

To view a short video on YouTube introducing H-115, type in the YouTube search bar "H-115 vince" to watch the latest.

The Relay Trainer connects to the Power Board from the Starter Kit. to explain how relays and relay circuits operate and how relay circuits fail. The Student Workbook, H-WB115 provides all instructions for troubleshooting 75 relay circuit problems. Yes, relay circuits can experience that many potential problems. An included Instructor Guide has all the answers. Never be stumped by a relay circuit problem again!

For details on the relay trainer or to place an order CLICK HERE

To order an additional H-WB115 workbooks (Relay) CLICK HERE

TEACHERS: To order the H-115 Power Point CLICK HERE

Next add-on trainer! Put it all together learning electrical systems troubleshooting!

Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer, H-116

To view a short video on YouTube introducing H-116, type in the YouTube search bar "H-116 vince" to see the latest version.

This troubleshooting trainer connects to the Power Board from the Starter Kit. Then the Lamp Board, Relay Board and DC Motor Board connect along the bottom to create a mini-electrical system we call "The M.E.S."

The Student Workbook explains wire harness troubleshooting and how wiring harness problems affect perfectly good circuits. Learn how one bad circuit can affect a perfectly good circuit. Learn to diagnose multiple circuit problems all caused by the same bad connection.
It is easy when you know how!

There are 115 electrical troubleshooting problems covering a wide range of wire harness related problems.

The Student Workbook, H-WB116, provides complete instructions for troubleshooting all wire harness electrical system problems. An included Instructor Guide, H-IG116, has all the answers.

To order extra Student Workbooks H-WB116 CLICK HERE

To learn more about H-116 or to place an order CLICK HERE

TEACHERS: To order the H-116 Power Point CLICK HERE

Last "hands-on" electrical trainer!
CAN Bus Troubleshooting Trainer H-200

To view a short video on YouTube introducing H-200, type in the YouTube search bar "H-200 vince" to see the latest version.

The CAN Bus troubleshooting trainer, H-200 involves two training topics. First you learn what the 60 ohm network is, how it works and how it can fail even when you read 60 ohms at DLC Pins 6 and 14. Second, you will learn the proper troubleshooting techniques when a node has a B+ (voltage side) or B- (ground side) problem preventing the node from functioning normally.

(1) Network Wiring Problems
There are 20 hands-on problems troubleshooting the 60 ohm network and how the circuit is not operational yet 60 ohms is measured at Pins 6 and 14 of the DLC. Finding zero, 120 or 240 ohms is also explained and duplicated in the troubleshooting exercises for practice.
These 20 troubleshooting problems are accomplished with an ohmmeter without the need to connect the CAN Bus trainer to the Power Board from The Starter Kit H-111A.

(2) Voltage and Ground Circuit Node Problems

Next the CAN Bus trainer H-200 connects to the Power Board from H-111A as shown at the left to explain CAN Bus circuit troubleshooting concerning node voltage and ground problems that cause technicians the a lot of trouble.

There are 24 problems relating to voltage and ground feeds to the nodes. These node electrical problems are often overlooked.

To troubleshoot these problems the CAN Bus trainer must be connected to the power board from the starter kit H-111A as shown here. This permits measuring voltages in the CAN Bus system relating to voltage and ground circuits to the nodes. Live circuit troubleshooting permits open circuits, voltage drops and shorts to ground to be diagnosed.

Please Note: There are no voltage or CAN Bus signals on the CAN Bus High(+) or Low(-) network wires.

The CAN Bus trainer H-200, comes with a CAN Bus circuit board, H-PCB200, a student workbook, H-WB200 and Instructor Guide, H-IG200, along with a resistor bag to insert different voltage drop problems in the trainer. The instructor guide has all the instructions you need and answers to troubleshooting questions.

To read more about the H-200 CAN Bus trainer or place an order CLICK HERE!

To order additional H-WB200 workbooks CLICK HERE

order the H-200 CAN Bus Power Point CLICK HERE

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Now you can benefit from Veejer Enterprises' unique style of hands-on troubleshooting training in the privacy & convenience of your home or shop by purchasing our Troubleshooting Trainers, which are fully constructed circuit boards, power supply and step by step troubleshooting training manuals. After you have completed this hands-on troubleshooting training program you can go back again from time to time to review live troubleshooting using the Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Boards to refresh your troubleshooting skills and stay sharp and share the trainers with other technicians.

You can use the circuit boards over and over, once you have them, and brush up on your electrical troubleshooting skills from time to time and stay sharp.

Once you own a Starter Kit, the first step in this hands-on training program, and then buy the add-on troubleshooting kits, (DC Motor Circuit, Relay Circuit and Wire Harness Troubleshooting, CAN Bus Troubleshooting) you can use them to help other technicians learn the methods of auto and truck electrical & electronic circuit troubleshooting.

Learn to read a DMM and recognize the correct voltage, resistance and current readings in auto and truck electrical-electronic circuits with repetitious troubleshooting practice. Depend less and less on sometimes hard to get technical information as you develop hands-on troubleshooting skill using your DMM as taught in this troubleshooting training program.

Proceed at your own pace, step-by-step, and develop vehicle electrical and electronics troubleshooting skills that will place you far ahead of other technicians. After only a couple of hours of hands-on study, you will begin
developing skill in reading schematic diagrams and hands-on troubleshooting with a DMM. You will start using your new found troubleshooting skills in the shop the very next time you encounter an electrical or electronic circuit problem.

With this hands-on training program you will make more money and get electrical jobs done right the first time because you will have the hands-on expertise to troubleshoot vehicle circuits faster and correctly.

You don't learn troubleshooting of auto and truck electrical and electronic circuits by listening to someone talk about it or watching someone else do it.
You have to do it yourself while being guided by expert instructions provided in the manuals that come with each Troubleshooting Trainer.

Veejer Enterprises Inc., has been conducting hands-on Auto/Truck Electrical - Electronics Troubleshooting Workshops since 1986 to train auto, truck and heavy equipment service technicians to successfully troubleshoot vehicle electrical and electronic systems. These workshops have trained professional technicians, trainers and technical school instructors. The success of these troubleshooting workshops is written in the testimonies of our graduates.

Some have written their testimony on our Guest Book.

Many have said they wish they had had this type of electrical training when they started their careers. If they had only known then what this training taught them, they would have made a lot more money over the years and had a lot more fun.

Student Workbooks are designed for home-study or tech school classroom presentation. They guide you with illustrated & detailed circuit testing and troubleshooting instructions to follow at your own pace. As you develop troubleshooting skill with live hands-on application using these specially designed Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Boards, you will learn how to troubleshoot and find opens, short circuits, shorts to ground, voltage drops and shorts to voltage - anywhere in any circuit - anytime - using just your DMM.


(1) Correct troubleshooting training provides hands on practice and then lots of more practice-practice to build skill and confidence!

(2) Correct troubleshooting training explains the use and set up of a DMM and guides you through practice of the procedures using it in live circuit troubleshooting exercises!

(3) Correct troubleshooting training explains how to connect the DMM probe tips to the circuit at the correct test points to get valid DMM readings.

(4) Correct troubleshooting training explains what the DMM readings mean and what to check next in the circuit if a DMM reading is correct (just right) or incorrect (even if a little high or a little low, etc.) until you know exactly what the problem is in the circuit as you trace through a live circuit, such as, using our troubleshooting trainers.

That's what we call "TROUBLESHOOTING TRAINING" and that is what you will learn with this hands-on troubleshooting training program! Others have done it - so can you! It's about time you learned to be a hands-on auto and/or truck
electrical-electronic systems expert troubleshooter! And now you can learn how at home or in your shop with just a little time invested.

This hands on home study training program will take you where you need to be in the growing field of vehicle electrical and electronics troubleshooting! It gives you the hands-on confidence & skill to tackle any vehicle electrical or electronic circuit problem and find the cause of the problem. It can be fun to learn to troubleshoot electrical problems like a Pro! Read our Guest Book and see what others say about our vehicle electrical - electronics troubleshooting training.

If you would like additional training with written lessons in booklet form (total of 60 lessons in 5 booklets of 12 lessons each) containing in-depth material on electrical/electronics principles and troubleshooting theory to support our hands-on troubleshooting training program check this link:

If you would like to study these 60 lessons on-line and print your own lessons click this link.


 Hands-on Auto/Truck Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Training Program for Technical, Secondary and Post Secondary Schools

Finally an electrical training program that helps you "get through" to your students. If you are an automotive technology instructor or a diesel technology instructor we have a school curriculum program and special pricing to implement this hands-on troubleshooting training program into your school curriculum.

You will be surprised at the low cost to invest in this program that will enable you to give students the individual training they need to be competent troubleshooters without having to provide constant individual instruction. Your students will leave your classroom with troubleshooting skills they might not otherwise have in their skills inventory.

Graduates of this curriculum will be noticed as they enter the vehicle service industry because they have electrical - electronic circuit troubleshooting skills that other technicians do not have. We also offer overhead transparencies and Power Point presentations to supplement classroom instruction.

Click here to view our special web page for teachers and tech schools.

If you are preparing a purchase order to fax or email to us we recommend you visit our school price web page the same day you are filling out your P.O. to make sure you have current pricing of our educational products. Prices may change without notice.

Check out our Guest Book and see what successes students and teachers have achieved using our hands-on troubleshooting training program.

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