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Vince Fischelli founded Veejer Enterprises in 1985. He is a Technical Training Consultant specializing in vehicle electrical and electronics troubleshooting training for all segments of the vehicle service industry (autos, trucks and heavy equipment).

He is a graduate of seven electronics schools, graduating from his first electronics school in 1959 as a U.S Marine attending the U.S. Navy's Electronics "A" School at Great Lakes, IL.

His military career spanned 12 years during which he completed several advanced electronics schools and worked on the military's most advanced electronics systems of that time.

He entered civilian life in late 1967 and began working in the automotive repair industry at an automotive electronic service center in Dallas, Texas where his electronics background was applied to solving automotive electrical problems that stumped dealership technicians.

He later operated his own repair shop from 1975 to 1980 where he began training service technicians he hired to perform the high caliber of electrical work he brought in to the shop. Vince is a natural born teacher and trainer and was often called on in the military to conduct electronic classes. It was a natural thing for him to train the technicians he hired to work in his own shop.

His training methods were so successful that several of his top techs he trained eventually left his company to become lead electrical specialists for other shops of the local competition who made his highly trained employee technicians financial packages they couldn't refuse. After losing several technicians to other shops he decided to close his shop in 1980 and go into the electronics industry.

Six months later he was offered a job to become the technical manager of GM's ECM remanufacturing facility in Dallas. He set up and ran tthis operation for nearly 5 years and also set up GM's digital dash remanufacturing facility in Dallas.

In this capacity he noticed an increasing lack of proper electrical-electronics troubleshooting training for automotive technicians was hampering their ability to perform proper automotive computer control system diagnosis and to correct driveability problems without changing a lot of unnecessary parts.

Most technicians he noticed where just parts changers. Repair costs were excessive and customer comebacks where a major problem for new car dealerships. He was asked to provide some training in night classes in the Dallas area for dealership technicians which he did.

This led him to decide to start Veejer Enterprises in 1985 to provide the level of electrical-electronics troubleshooting training needed in the vehicle service industry. He originally trained at the dealership level as a private trainer but later began to move throughout the automotive service industry, truck service industry and heavy equipment service industry as he became known.

He is the author of more than 16 books, numerous magazine technical articles and technical papers on vehicle electrical and vehicle electronics troubleshooting. 

The developer, technical writer and overall creator of these electrical-electronics training programs is Vince Fischelli, President of Veejer Enterprises Inc.

He developed several electrical-electronics troubleshooting workshops. These workshops cover vehicle electrical and electronics troubleshooting for journeyman through the advanced level.

Phase One

In these workshops automotive, truck and heavy equipment service technicians as well as auto and diesel technology instructors learn how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical and electronic systems. He has conducted over 450 seminars and workshops since 1985, including many in-house custom designed vehicle electrical/electronics training programs for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers to vehicle manufacturers and various fleet organizations in both government and the private sector. 

He developed a 60 lesson home-study vehicle electronics training course called, "The" Vehicle Electronics Training Course, a training program in vehicle electronics troubleshooting technique. The course is unique in that it teaches vehicle service technicians how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical and electronic systems. Lessons are available in printed booklets or On-Line at this link.

also designed a hands-on troubleshooting training program called "The" Hands-On Home-Study Troubleshooting Training Program where students perform live electrical-electronics system troubleshooting training at home or in the shop using his four specially designed Troubleshooting Trainer Kits:

(1) The Starter Kit;
(2) Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits,
(3) Troubleshooting Relay Circuits and
(4) Wire Harness Troubleshooting.
Click on each link to read about these training programs.
(5) The CAN Bus Troubleshooting Trainer.

Vince's latest vehicle electrical book "Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS" shows service technicians how to troubleshoot battery problems on-the-vehicle using only a DMM and a DC Current Clamp.

Sections cover troubleshooting cranking problems on-the-vehicle and charging systems on-the-vehicle with just a DMM & DC Current Clamp. Generators (alternators) controlled by an on-board computer are explained and how to tell if the generator or the on-board computer is the problem.

These electrical troubleshooting methods save technicians enormous time, pinpoint what is actually wrong in the circuit and will eliminate mis-diagnosis. Other sections of the fully illustrated 250 page book cover electrical essentials, what you need to know about your DMM and DC current clamp, how circuits work and how to read schematic diagrams.

In the past Vince developed the original Automotive and Truck/Heavy Duty Electrical Clinic Training Programs for INTERSTATE BATTERY SYSTEM OF AMERICA.

He was the Electronics Editor of the former IMPORT SERVICE MAGAZINE for seven years.  

He has written and produced numerous video training tapes on electronics for a number of vehicle manufacturers, including CADILLAC MOTOR DIVISION, INTERSTATE BATTERIES and CHAMPION SPARK PLUG.

He is a featured speaker at industry trade shows and conventions presenting electrical-electronics troubleshooting training seminars for all segments of the vehicle service industry. Vince can be contacted at the location below.

Christian Men's Ministry
Vince has started a new Christian men's ministry in 2013. He wrote a book for men (and women too) entitled: "Marines for JESUS," a Guidebook for a closer walk with Jesus, over 300 pages. It was introduced in July, 2013.

He writes about some of his experiences and what he learned serving in the U.S. Marines and draws some parallels between being a Christian and having been a Marine. It has helped him become what Vince likes to call "a Marine for JESUS."

You can also read about the "Meaning of Life." It will explain why we are here and what is the meaning of all this we call life on earth.

To visit the web site Marines for JESUS, read about this new ministry and purchase his book CLICK HERE.

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