"The" 3-Day - Phase 1
Electrical Troubleshooting Training


The 3-Day Phase 1 Electrical Workshop in Dallas has been discontinued. But the same workshop electrical training program is now available for home-study. It is called
"The Phase 1 Curriculum"
Purchase the complete 3-Day Phase 1 Curriculum "in-a-box."
Study at Home at your own pace!

You can preview the 3-Day Phase 1 Curriculum program before you buy just Print Out a FREE Home Study Guide and read about what you will study. The Study Guide leads you through the electrical curriculum in 9 learning blocks. The Study Guide arranges the 3-Day Electrical Workshop program to be practicable for technicians studying at home or in the shop.

Phase 1 Curriculum Training package includes:
1 ea. Copy of "Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS
1 ea. Starter Kit, H-111A (hands-on electrical trainer)
1 ea. Copy of FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro (laminated electrical flip-chart)

Purchase the Phase 1 Curriculum
Receive the Phase 1 Curriculum and study at home or in the shop. The Phase 1 Curriculum is priced at $383.00 plus shipping. The Phase 1 Curriculum price includes a 15% Discount if the three training programs are purchased separately.

A free home study guide shows you how to go through the electrical training program in a logical sequence of 9 learning blocks using each of the training publications above.

Complete the Phase 1 Workshop at home - exact same training program as the 3-Day Electrical Workshop in Dallas and the same training conducted at 100s of fleet training sessions around the country. Study at your own pace. Learn how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits - save valuable time and money - find electrical problems quickly - do it right the first time - and above all else make more money doing auto-truck electrical work.

Vince says: "When I taught this electrical program in a 3-day electrical workshop I had to go fast to get everything covered in 3 days. For some technicians it was too fast and they missed things. Having this curriculum to study at home allows you to learn electrical troubleshooting at a pace that is comfortable for you and you won't miss anything."

Electrical troubleshooting is so easy when you know how
and you can progress at your own pace as you study at home!

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Purchase The Phase 1 Curriculum and increase your ability to troubleshoot auto/truck electrical circuits with proven step-by-step troubleshooting procedures to follow using only a DMM and DC Current Clamp. We present you with step-by-step electrical troubleshooting procedures that work.

Hands-on electrical troubleshooting practice with the H-111A electrical trainer builds self-confidence and troubleshooting skill to successfully troubleshoot electrical problems. Worksheets in SHORTCUTS guide you through practice of electrical troubleshooting on-the-vehicle. See results begin to impact your next electrical work order as you study this training.
You can never get enough of this kind of hands-on auto/truck/heavy equipment electrical troubleshooting training using only a DMM and Current Clamp!

What is covered in the Phase 1 Curriculum?

You begin the Phase 1 Curriculum by reading the first two sections of "Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS" and answer the review questions after each Section. Answers are in the back of the book.

You will study essential electrical terminology and principles used throughout the training. You will also learn about DMM operation and how to interpret DMM readings. You will also learn the correct way to use a DMM and Current Clamp.

Next begin live circuit hands-on troubleshooting training using the Starter Kit, H-111A Troubleshooting Trainer and your personal DMM. Students learn how to test and measure circuit voltage, current and resistance with a DMM and what the readings tell you about a circuit following step-by-step testing procedures thoroughly illustrated throughout the workbook H-WB111A.

Students study how circuits fail and how to interpret live circuit DMM readings to determine the circuit problem. Reading of schematic diagrams is explained by using schematic diagrams and performing measurements with a DMM on a live circuit.

Next begin troubleshooting 32 individual live electrical circuit problems one at a time for hands-on practice troubleshooting vehicle electrical circuits with the H-111A electrical trainer. The workbook H-WB111A guides you every step of the way The included Instructor Guide, H-IG111A has all the answers to the workbook exercises.

For a demo of the H-111A circuit board hands-on electrical trainer go to YouTube and in the YouTube search bar type "H-111A vince." You can watch as Vince demonstrates what the hands-on H-111A electrical trainer can do for you. OR YOU CAN CLICK HERE!

After completing the H-111A training program you return to the book SHORTCUTS to study battery circuit troubleshooting. Diagnose battery problems in seconds with just a DMM and Current clamp. Learn a battery troubleshooting technique you need to know about that battery companies do not want you to know about and would never tell you.

Identify common battery failures with one voltage test. Test cranking and charging circuits using only a DMM and Current Clamp and confirm if the circuits are working correctly or not. Included are worksheets to guide you through electrical testing these circuits on a vehicle for hands-on practice.

Troubleshoot electrical problems On-The-Car with a DMM & Current Clamp as you read about these test procedures in SHORTCUTS and practice them on a vehicle using the worksheets in the book.

The 3rd major element of electrical study includes more electrical troubleshooting On-The-Car again with the professional flip-chart FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro.

A copy of FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro is included in-the-box. This flip-chart ties everything together.

Learn to troubleshoot a vehicle's primary 14V electrical system with the systematic troubleshooting procedure described in FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro. Learn to quickly diagnose battery problems, poor ground connections in the primary electrical system and verify the charging systems in working correctly. All you need is you DMM.

The FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro test procedure is practiced on vehicles. Perform all electrical test steps in sequence for practice. Write down your test results for each step to keep a record of primary electrical system performance. Start with your own personal vehicle and follow the test steps to understand each test step and the reading obtained. Instructions explain what to do if the DMM reading is too high or too low.

You can complete the 14 voltage test steps in 3-5 minutes after a little practice. Find electrical problems that you normally have overlooked.

Check out our Technician's Testimonials and read what techs have to say about studying our hands-on electrical troubleshooting training program using SHORTCUTS, the H-111A Starter Kit and electrical flip-chart FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro!

One more time . . . .
Buy the same Curriculum that was covered in the Phase 1 workshop and study at home!

1. Print Out a FREE Home Study Guide to review the Phase 1 home-study training curriculum before you buy. Shows you what to do first, second, third and so on....

2. Purchase the Phase 1 Curriculum
Study the Phase 1 Workshop at home or in the shop.
The curriculum is priced at $383.00 which includes a 15% discount if each item is purchased separately. Also save on shipping each item.

Phase 1 Curriculum Training package includes:
1 ea. Copy of "Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS
1 ea. Hands-On Starter Kit, H-111A
1 ea. Copy of FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro

The free home study guide shows you how to follow through the training program in a logical sequence.

3. Complete the Phase 1 Workshop at home - study at your own pace step-by-step - learn how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits - save valuable shop time finding electrical problems quickly - do it right the first time - and above all else make more money doing auto-truck electrical work.

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