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This is our 33rd year providing electrical & electronics
troubleshooting training programs, books, seminars and hands-on workshops for technicians in the vehicle service industry!

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If you are an automotive, truck or heavy equipment service technician this web page is written to help you decide which of Veejer's training programs fit your needs to help you become the electrical "Go-To-Tech" in the shop in repairing vehicle electrical-electronics problems.

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You may be an experienced service technician with a lot of shop experience with little if any electrical training but you have learned to "get by" over the years doing electrical repairs. You are somewhat comfortable doing it "your way" even if it's not the best or right way. Maybe you don't see how electrical training will help you at this point in your career. Or, you may be just beginning your career. But, the one thing every technician needs, regardless of experience, is
Electrical Troubleshooting Training.
And that is what we offer.

Begin with our book "SHORTCUTS" which starts at the beginning in Section 1 with a brief review of essential electrical principles you need to understand. This is followed in Section 2 with what you need to know about your DMM and Current Clamp and a tutorial in Section 3 on how electrical circuits work. Then "SHORTCUTS" explains electrical troubleshooting you can perform on-the-vehicle with just a DMM and DC Current Clamp.

"SHORTCUTS" provides practice worksheets to guide you through electrical testing on-the-vehicle for practice to get it right the first time. Simply follow these troubleshooting exercises a few times that guide you to the problem. "SHORTCUTS" wraps up with exercises on how to read schematic diagrams.

The book "SHORTCUTS" is the starting point....

"Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS"
This 250 page book shows a technician how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits on-the-vehicle with just a DMM and Current Clamp.
Read about "SHORTCUTS"

Buy Now $78.00 plus shipping/handling

It's amazing how much electrical system troubleshooting a service technician can perform on-the-vehicle with just a DMM and a Current Clamp when you know how.

"SHORTCUTS" also shows you how and when to incorporate additional electrical training programs from Veejer Enterprises into your personal electrical troubleshooting training program to continue developing your hands-on electrical troubleshooting skills. Includes worksheets to practice what you learn using just a DMM and Current Clamp.

Become the electrical "Go-To-Tech" in your shop!

 The next training program we suggest
(along with
"SHORTCUTS") is the electric flip-chart

The flip-chart shown here guides a technician through quick electrical tests of a 14V electrical system in about 5 minutes. To the right of the flip-chart is a copy of the Test Results Form to record readings for a customer record.

The FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro test procedure is very important to perform FIRST if you have one of these 3 electrical issues.

(1) a general electrical problem,
(2) an on-board computer failure,
(3) when there's a no-code driveability issue.


$89.00 per laminated copy BUY NOW

Two FIRST THINGS FIRST flip-charts (there are two versions) show you how to perform each test step and the DMM reading you should get. It then suggests what to check if you find a bad reading indicating an electrical problem. The DMM reading may be too high or too low. Suggestions follow on what to do next.

Our vehicle electrical system troubleshooting flip-charts, FIRST THINGS FIRST are used throughout the auto service industry and truck service industry to check out an auto electrical or truck electrical system. Check the battery, the cranking circuit, primary ground circuits (engine ground and accessory ground) and charging system using only a DMM.
FIRST THINGS FIRST guides you step-by-step.

Read about "FIRST THINGS FIRST" Purchase Here

The fastest way to become an outstanding
auto/truck electrical system troubleshooter is to
The Hands-On Training Program, H-111A "Starter Kit"

3-Day Phase 1 Read about it here!

You can purchase the Phase 1 Workshop curriculum that has been held in Dallas! Study at home!

First, Print Out a FREE Copy of the Phase 1 Study Guide and see what you will learn!
Then to order the Phase 1 Curriculum CLICK HERE.

Our students quickly discover they are experiencing organized, thoroughly researched, well written and proven electrical troubleshooting training programs without spending too much time studying electrical theory.
Veejer training prorams dramatically shortens the learning curve as technicians achieve a high level of electrical troubleshooting skill faster than they ever imagined they could.

Where else are you going to find convenient and cost effective hands-on training in automotive - truck - or heavy equipment electrical - electronics troubleshooting training that you can study at home or in the shop?
See results accumulate as you begin to apply what you learn on your very next electrical work order.

What makes Veejer Enterprises training so different is that we focus all our efforts in vehicle electrical and electronic system troubleshooting training. This enables us to probe deeper into the subject and focus with unusual insight on what a service technician needs to know to successfully troubleshoot vehicle electrical-electronic problems. Once you begin our training you will see what we mean.

Our training techniques emphasize a hands-on approach to get your electrical troubleshooting skills developed quickly. It doesn't matter what make and model vehicles you repair, everyone needs this electrical troubleshooting training.

Time to get started!
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Buy "Electrical SHORTCUTS" . . . Buy Now $78.00 plus shipping/handling

"FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro" . . . Buy Now $89.00 plus shipping/handling

The next step is a more advanced training program we call "Hands-On Live"
Electrical Troubleshooting Training

You can study this hands-on training program at home at the same time as you study "SHORTCUTS" and practice electrical testing on a vehicle with "FIRST THINGS FIRST."

Here is the point!
You don't learn how to troubleshoot electrical circuits with all the ways a circuit can fail by simply reading about it or watching someone else to do it. YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF AND PRACTICE TO GET IT RIGHT. Our "hands-on-live" electrical troubleshooting training program shows you how with live Troubleshooting Trainer practice!

You will learn how to CORRECTLY test circuits found in automobiles and trucks with a DMM to recognize good and bad voltage and resistance readings. After mastering circuit measurement skills, you will insert electrical problems on the bottom of the Troubleshooting Trainers to create a wide variety of open circuits, voltage drops, short circuits, shorts to ground and shorts to voltage at any point in the circuit just as these problems would occur in an actual auto or truck circuit.

Live circuit troubleshooting from the top of the Troubleshooting Trainers follows to find the electrical circuit problem. Troubleshoot each electrical problem one at a time to develop your troubleshooting skill. Techs tell us they have so much fun learning how to troubleshoot auto electrical circuits with this hands on training program the time flies by.

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(1) The Starter Kit H-111A is the first step in beginning this hands-on troubleshooting training program and includes, books (Student Manual and Instructor Guide), a DC Power Supply, and two fully constructed Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Boards in a handy box.

The 32 individual electrical problems in the Starter Kit guide you in developing practical troubleshooting skill you can use on the job right away solving auto electrical and electronic problems. The Starter Kit's Student Workbook, H-WB111A contains 70 pages of instructions in electrical troubleshooting training including 32 exercises troubleshooting live electrical problems.

To see a photograph of the first two Troubleshooting Trainer circuit boards in the Starter Kit, H-111A click here.

To see the straight-line troubleshooting schematic of the circuit in the Starter Kit, H-111A click here

Four other Troubleshooting Trainers are available for more advanced troubleshooting training with a variety of typical automotive electrical and electronic circuits and systems.

But, you have to begin this hands-on troubleshooting training program with "The Starter Kit, H-111A." Once you have a Starter Kit you can always go back and review troubleshooting procedures to maintain your troubleshooting skill.

Four more Troubleshooting Trainers that can be added-on to the Starter Kit H-111A if you want to continue developing your electrical troubleshooting skills to the next level are:

(2) Next Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits, H-113;

(3) Next Troubleshooting Relay Circuits, H-115

(4) Next Wire Harness Troubleshooting H-116

(5) Next CAN Bus Troubleshooting Training H-200

You will be surprised how beneficial this live hands-on electrical troubleshooting training program is to use and how much fun it is to develop your electrical troubleshooting skills.

Our Guest Book has testimonies from our home-study students who talk about using this training program at home and teachers using this training program in their technical school classrooms. CLICK HERE

Repair shop owners, shop foremen, lead technicians, service technicians who want to quickly update their electrical/electronics troubleshooting skills attend these 3-day intensive hands-on troubleshooting training workshops in Dallas. Vince personally teaches this workshop so you will return to your shop an ace vehicle electrical/electronic system troubleshooter. The secret of this workshop's success is due to less emphasis on electrical theory and more emphasis on a lot of hands-on electrical troubleshooting practice to develop electrical troubleshooting skills you need on the job.

It's simply amazing how much vehicle electrical system troubleshooting a service technician can perform with just a DMM and a Current Clamp when you know how.

CAN Bus Network Troubleshooting
Read about our two training options for CAN Bus troubleshooting training. Click Here

See what other technicians have to say about taking our training by reading through our Testimonials.
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 A little history of Veejer Enterprises Inc.
Read about Veejer Enterprises founder and Director of Training Vince Fischelli's background click here .

 Hybrid Electric Drive Training Manual

 The next revolution in the auto industry is here - hybrid electric drive cars (HEVs), hybrid electric drive SUVs and hybrid electric drive pick-up trucks! Are you ready for this new service opportunity or will you wait till the last minute when that first hybrid electric drive vehicle comes in? A new training manual by Vince Fischelli is now available to help you get ready for the exciting service & repair opportunity in hybrid electric drive!

"Essential AC Electric Theory & Basic Circuits of Hybrid Electric Vehicles" is over 100 pages and more than 75 illustrations including schematic diagrams of complex hybrid electric drive circuits used in hybrid cars. This is very advanced in AC electrical theory and the briefly explains the complex circuits used to operate hybrid vehicles.

Learn about AC electrical principles and how AC is different from DC. It's a whole new ball game! Hybrid electric drive cars operate on AC electrical principles in addition to DC electrical principles. Learn about hybrid electric drive vehicles, high voltage battery packs, electric drive motors and how the electronics that control an electric drive motor in a HEV with Vince's new manual.

Take a few moments to VIEW our Guest Book to see what others have to say about our training. They tell you how our training programs have helped them advance their careers by learning to troubleshoot and repair auto/truck electrical and auto/truck electronic system problems faster and make more money. 

One last suggestion how to get started!
"Electrical SHORTCUTS" . . . Buy Now $78.00 plus shipping/handling

"FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro" . . . Buy Now $89.00 plus shipping/handling

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