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Here's a Hands-On Vehicle Electrical/Electronics
Troubleshooting Training Program
you can provide to the techs in your shop
even while they're working in the shop!

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3-Day PHASE 1 Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

3-Day PHASE 2 Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

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CAN Bus Network Troubleshooting
To read about our CAN Bus training options...

Don't deny your technicians needed electrical-electronics troubleshooting training just because it's hard to find or not available in your area.
You can have it in your shop!

 No need to send techs away for critical electrical training with the big expense involved and lose their productive shop time!

 Now you can provide your auto/truck service technicians with electrical-electronics troubleshooting training while they're working in the shop using our electrical troubleshooting training program.

See techs begin to use this troubleshooting training on the very next electrical work order. In that way you'll know this troubleshooting training is paying off.

This is the type of electrical troubleshooting training techs should have had when they attended technical school. In fact, many tech schools now use this same troubleshooting training program.

Once you purchase our training programs you will always have them available for your techs and for new techs who come on board. They can all share the same troubleshooting training programs.

 This electrical-electronics troubleshooting training program is for
Automotive Service Technicians,
Truck Service Technicians,
Heavy Equipment Service Technicians,
or just about anyone in your shop who needs to know more about electrical-electronics troubleshooting!

Here's how to begin providing electrical training for your technicians!
Get them a copy of
Vince Fischelli's vehicle electrical book-
"Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS"

"SHORTCUTS" shows a technician how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits on-the-vehicle step-by-step with just a DMM and Current Clamp and a lot more!
Read about "SHORTCUTS"
Buy Now $78.00
per copy plus shipping/handling

What makes vehicle electrical-electronics troubleshooting training from Veejer Enterprises so different is that we focus all our efforts to develop vehicle electrical and electronic system troubleshooting training.
This enables us to probe deeper into the subject and focus with unusual insight on what a service technician needs to know to successfully troubleshoot vehicle electrical problems and electronic problems without the burden of memorizing excessive electrical theory.
Our troubleshooting training techniques emphasize a hands-on approach to improve technician electrical troubleshooting skills. Our hands-on approach helps a technician become a better hands-on electrical-electronic system troubleshooter in less training time.


which shows a technician how to run a quick initial check of a 14V electrical system in about 5-8 minutes. This test procedure is very important to perform FIRST if you have an electrical problem, an on-board computer failure or especially when you have a no-code driveability issue. This laminated flip-chart shows a technician how to perform each test step and what the correct reading should be. It then specifies what to check if a DMM reading is too high or too low.

Sample our auto electrical system troubleshooting flip-chart,
FIRST THINGS FIRST used throughout the auto service industry and truck service industry to check out an auto electrical or truck electrical system. Check the battery, the cranking circuit, primary ground circuits (engine ground and accessory ground) and charging system using only a DMM and following FIRST THINGS FIRST which guides the technician step-by-step.

Click here for a Free Tutorial about an auto or truck electrical system and specific information about using the FIRST THINGS FIRST

Read about "FIRST THINGS FIRST" Here
Buy Now $79.00 per copy plus shipping/handling

From time to time we offer a 5-day hands-on electrical-electronics troubleshooting workshop in Dallas, Texas. click here.
If you would like to consider your technicians attending this unique training opportunity make sure we have your Email address so we can contact you by Email when ever a workshop is scheduled.

You can send your technicians to hands-on electrical-electronic troubleshooting workshops in Dallas.
We offer two workshops.
3-Day Phase 1 Workshop
Read about it here!
3-Day Phase 2 Workshop
Read about it here!


No longer does a repair shop owner or fleet service manager have to lose valuable shop time sending a technician away for vital electrical-electronics troubleshooting training.

Begin their training with "Electrical SHORTCUTS" and also FIRST THINGS FIRST. Both books will get them started doing electrical work with training that will prepare them for more advanced Veejer training you can provide them while they are working in the shop. Start seeing results on the next electrical work order as technicians get into this training and gain self-confidence in electrical.

Results begin to show up after the first few hours a tech is immersed in this electrical troubleshooting training program using both"SHORTCUTS" & FIRST THINGS FIRST.

Then following up these two books with our live circuit hands-on training program (explained below) a shop owner can continue to train techs in the shop, to the next level, while they're on the job. Continue to see improved production in their electrical repair work as your techs progress through this training program.

This training can be made available to your techs without you, the shop owner, having to be the teacher, although you can add your training and experience to enhance the overall training program if you wish. You simply oversee the training which is self-paced and shows techs how to apply live circuit hands-on troubleshooting techniques. You could even have your lead tech oversee the training program so you can focus on running the shop. He can keep you informed on everyone's progress.

This live circuit hands-on electrical troubleshooting training program (explained below) works well in the shop because the training program is
self-paced. The hands-on training program is divided into short time consuming nuggets so techs can spend a few minutes during each work day while on a short break or lunch period to do a short training exercise in his own workbook while using or sharing the hands-on troubleshooting trainer circuit boards with other techs.

Simply set up the troubleshooting trainers at a location in the shop away from the hustle and bustle where a tech can sit down and work on the hands-on troubleshooting trainers for a few minutes at a time and write down his answers in his student work book. In a week a tech can accomplish a lot of training during short breaks each day.

Watch as techs begin to compete with each other over completing exercises and successfully troubleshooting the electrical problems. This hands-on troubleshooting training program is actually self-motivating.

This training program has a lot of hands-on electrical troubleshooting practice to keep techs interested as they see the results developing in their electrical troubleshooting skills. They can begin using this electrical training almost immediately on the job as they progress. You don't have to wait for weeks of training time to see results.

Included in each module is an
Instructor Guide with all the information for using the program and answers to all the exercises to compare with what is written in each technician's workbook. A tech can hand you his workbook and you can check out how he's doing using the Instructor Guide without having to study the training program yourself.

All your techs can share the same Troubleshooting Trainer but each tech should have his own Student Workbook for maximum benefit.

Technicians welcome this training once they get started and sample it because it has a lot of hands-on they will find interesting to study They will see quickly how they can use this troubleshooting training in the shop on the very next electrical job they work on. From that point it only gets better.

Besides all the benefits of this electrical-electronics troubleshooting training program, GET THIS . . .

Techs learn how to troubleshoot auto/truck electrical/electronic circuits with this unique hands-on troubleshooting training program using live circuits! Every thing is included in the box. The work book with each Troubleshooting Trainer Kit (or module) is written in an easy to understand style techs can follow on their own without an instructor present. Student workbooks have step-by-step instructions broken down into small learning exercises so techs can learn on their own in short time blocks as they develop their electrical circuit test and measurement skills using a DMM.

TECHS CAN SET THEIR OWN PACE FOR LEARNING. Step-by-step instruction is combined with a little reading interwoven with some hands-on exercises to keep them interested and learning. No time is wasted building electrical circuits. Simply snap the Troubleshooting Trainer circuit boards together, hook up the power supply, open up a student workbook and techs are ready to start learning the troubleshooting techniques using live circuit troubleshooting examples. Each circuit principle and troubleshooting technique is illustrated with large schematic diagrams and illustrations so techs begin to understand how to read schematic diagrams at the same time while learning how to troubleshoot live electrical circuits using their own DMM on the Troubleshooting Trainers.

Techs first master the necessary troubleshooting techniques and understand each circuit as they follow along in their own workbook. Then they begin troubleshooting live circuit problems one at a time that you, the shop owner or lead tech has inserted into the Troubleshooting Trainers (circuit boards). All you have to do is follow simple instructions contained in the Instructor Guide which has all the information to set up an electrical troubleshooting problem and answers to troubleshooting problems you need to evaluate their progress. In this way, you remain in charge of the training program and the time spent by each tech as you, or your lead tech, monitor technician progress.

Electrical problems inserted in the Troubleshooting Trainer circuit boards are just as they appear in an actual vehicle circuit. DMM readings obtained during troubleshooting match what you would find in a vehicle circuit. Repetitious troubleshooting exercises ensure self confidence and solid, fool proof troubleshooting skill is developed.

Here's a few tips on how to make this electrical training program work for you!
Simply set up the Troubleshooting Trainers (circuit boards) in a convenient place in the shop for a tech to sit down for a few minutes early in the morning, during lunch, a few minutes after the day is over or at personal break intervals during the day so he can do the exercise of the day or troubleshoot the "problem of the day" that you have set up for them following the Instructor Guide information. In this way your techs can all share the same Troubleshooting Trainer circuit boards and that keeps your training costs down. However, technicians need their own personal workbook.

We suggest that once a week you call for a short shop meeting to have the techs discuss the exercises or troubleshooting problems covered that week. Techs can discuss each others questions or share their success in learning to troubleshoot live electrical circuits. They can also share how they have used what they have learned so far to help them fix a vehicle electrical problem in the shop. They even will enjoy competing with each other over who has finished the day's assignment or that day's electrical problem.

Review the following 4 hands-on electrical troubleshooting training programs you can provide for your techs so they can learn how to troubleshoot auto/truck electrical-electronic circuits.

Click on the links to make a purchase when you are ready to order! Keep in mind these hands-on electrical trainers should be studied in numerical order.

1. Begin with The Starter Kit, H-111A
The Starter Kit is the required first troubleshooting trainer and covers the beginning but essential electrical circuit troubleshooting techniques technicians should use to troubleshoot electrical circuits. The Starter Kit gives technicians simple step-by-step troubleshooting procedures to follow which they practice with hands-on application using the live troubleshooting trainer circuit boards from the Starter Kit shown below. They can study each troubleshooting principle in their workbook with short exercises that individually do not consume a lot of time yet quickly build up their understanding of electrical circuits and how to test, measure and troubleshoot a live circuit using their DMM as they proceed through the training program.

   Each Starter Kit contains the following:
1 each Power Board, H-PCB01A
1 each Lamp Board, H-PCB02A
1 each Student Workbook
H-WB111A (about 72 pages)
1 each "Top Secret" Instructor Guide, H-IG111A

The Power Supply included in the H-111A (called the H-PS01) is designed for use with 115-120VAC, U.S.A. line power requirements.
(We have power supplies for UK and European countries at a slight additional charge if you are a shop in a country with different line power connections than used in the USA.)

OK, I want to get my techs started. Send me a Starter Kit H-111A for $269.00 plus s/h. (Please note prices can change without notice. The price on the shopping cart is always the current price.)

Buy additional Starter Kit student workbooks (H-WB111A at $35.00 each)
Each tech should have his own personal workbook copy to guide him through the self-paced training program exercises. This training program isn't as effective if techs share a workbook. There is essential study material they need to review as they proceed through the training program, a lot of blanks they need to fill in as they study along and places to write down all their troubleshooting steps and DMM readings they get while troubleshooting live electrical problems.

Shop owners can review each tech's workbook to see how each tech is doing. Don't worry, your Instructor Guide has all the answers. (Don't let techs sneak a peek at the answers. That's why we label the instructor guide "Top Secret".)

After your techs have completed the Starter Kit, H-111A with its
32 electrical problems, you are ready to start them on the next add-on Troubleshooting Trainer, H-113 with 42 electrical problems, Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits; then H-115, Troubleshooting Relay Circuits with 75 electrical problems, and finally H-116, Wire Harness Troubleshooting with over 108 electrical problems.

Check out these add-on electrical-electronic troubleshooting trainers by clicking on the links below. Purchase these troubleshooting trainers as you need them to expand your electrical-electronic training program.
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2. DC Motor Troubleshooting Trainer, H-113

This module covers troubleshooting DC motor circuits (both brushless and wire wound DC motor circuits) and has about
46 electrical problems and a more advanced section on correctly using ohmmeters and the DMM's Diode Test feature to test brushless DC motors which are becoming very common in vehicle applications.

Send me a Troubleshooting DC Motor H-113 for $199.00 plus s/h.

Send me extra DC Motor work books H-SM03 at $35.00 each plus s/h.

3. Relay Troubleshooting Trainer, H-115

This module is an exhaustive trainer covering
75 relay circuit problems. A major topic covered in this module concerns spike suppression diodes and the correct way to troubleshoot a relay in a relay circuit. After completing this module techs will never again be stumped by a relay or relay circuit problem in any circuit on any vehicle at any time.

Send me a Troubleshooting Relay Circuits H-115 for $209.00 plus s/h

Send me extra relay work books H-SM05 at $40.00 each plus s/h

4. Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer, H-116
This module covers troubleshooting wiring harnesses and is the most advanced Troubleshooting Trainer. All Troubleshooting Trainer circuit boards are connected together into a Mini-Electrical-System we call the "M.E.S." using the Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer. This module offers techs some advanced electrical systems troubleshooting practice of multiple live electrical circuits interconnected into an electrical system
with over 108 practice electrical systems problems to stimulate their electrical troubleshooting skill.

Send me a Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer for $375.00 plus s/h

Send me extra student work books H-SM06 at $35.00 each plus s/h

Place an order using our secure shopping cart. Purchase each Troubleshooting Trainer as they are needed by clicking on the appropriate links above or the links below. No need to buy all the kits at once. Buy them in order as needed as your techs progress! Once you have the first Troubleshooting Trainer Kit, H-111A, you can have all your techs share the same Troubleshooting Trainer and new techs jump in as they are hired on. You only need one Troubleshooting Trainer for the shop.
Each tech proceeds at his own pace following exercises in his own work book.
To purchase a Starter Kit, H-111A, for $269.00 plus S/H and begin training your techs click here.

It's a modest investment to provide your techs with essential electrical-electronics troubleshooting training and you'll always have the training program available for your techs to keep sharp!

Many techs have told us they wish they had had this type of electrical training when they started their careers. If they had only known then, what this electrical training taught them now, they would have made a lot more money over the years and had a lot more fun doing it.


"The" Vehicle Electronics Training Course is a 60 lesson home study course with in depth instruction in vehicle electrical-electronic circuits and troubleshooting. Many of the lessons are referenced in the Tech's work books if techs want to seek additional or more in depth information at various intervals in the hands-on troubleshooting training program. We suggest you place the lessons in a large 3-ring binder in the shop or designated study area to make it available to techs. When techs encounter a suggestion in their student work book to refer to a lesson for more information they can seek out the 3-ring binder and get more information. Lessons can be ordered in printed booklets or on CDROM. See this link for more information on "The" (60-lesson) Vehicle Electronics Training Course. (Now study on-line and print out lessons.

Check out our Testimonials and see what successes other shop owners, teachers and techs have achieved using our training programs.

One last time to get your technicians started . . .
"Electrical SHORTCUTS" . . . Buy Now $78.00 plus shipping/handling

"FIRST THINGS FIRST" . . . Buy Now $79.00 plus shipping/handling

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