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Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer
Model Number H-116
Schematic Diagram


 The M.E.S. (Mini-Electrical System) illustrated above shows all hands-on troubleshooting trainers, H-111, H-113 and H-115 connected together into an electrical system sharing a common voltage source and common ground circuit typical of an "electrical system."

To make the troubleshooting training realistic and fun the student modifies the Lamp Board (H-111) to mimic a Brake Light Circuit. The Relay board (H-115) becomes the Fuel Pump Relay Circuit and the DC Motor Circuit )H-113) becomes the Engine Cooling Fan Circuit to form the three functions of the M.E.S.

After following along with 30 pages of review and additional circuit analysis revolving around troubleshooting an electrical system versus an electrical circuit, the student begins troubleshooting 114 problems (one at a time in numerical order) with a customer complaint that says for example; "My brake light is so dim it can't be seen in daylight (voltage drop)," or "My car barely runs up a hill (low fuel pressure)," or "The engine gets hot in rush hour traffic but seems to be OK when driving on the highway (low rpm of cooling fan)."

The Instructor Guide explains how to insert the problem and has all the answers to compare with your troublershooting notes. You can't beat this kind of hands-on electrical troubleshooting training. See a full page picture of the M.E.S. circuit boards fully assembled.

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