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This is our 31st year providing electrical & electronics
troubleshooting training programs, seminars and hands-on workshops for auto/truck technicians & teachers in the vehicle service industry!

 Anyone can replace an electrical part. But can you quickly test and troubleshoot an electrical-electronic circuit on a car or truck with a DMM & Current Clamp and KNOW what's wrong? We can show you how!

Can you use more hands-on auto/truck/H.D. electrical-electronics troubleshooting training to repair vehicle electrical problems? Click on one of the 3 Group Links below for details of the training programs we offer.

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Group 1: Technicians - Auto - Truck - H.D.
To learn about our technician training programs in electrical systems troubleshooting and electronics repair CLICK HERE. We make it easy to learn electrical!
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Group 2: Shop Owners or Fleet Managers
Our training programs can train your technicians to be more proficient in electrical repair - saving labor hours, down time and fewer parts replaced. If you want to know how our electrical - electronics training programs (that you can purchase) will train your technicians on-site, in the shop, then CLICK HERE for more detail.
To Print Out a Technician Electrical Training Brochure CLICK HERE

Group 3: Auto-Diesel Instructors-Teachers
If you are teaching and want to know how our training programs can be used in your classroom curriculum then CLICK HERE for more details. We have the electrical-electronics curriculum that your students need when they enter the job market.
To Print Out A Tech School Electrical Product Brochure CLICK HERE

Which ever group you are get started with this book on auto/truck electrical-electronics troubleshooting training! The book Electrical "SHORTCUTS" is the first step.

Vince Fischelli's vehicle electrical book -
"Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical SHORTCUTS" shows a technician how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits on-the-vehicle with just a DMM and Current Clamp - and a lot more - such as - reading schematic diagrams.

Read about "SHORTCUTS" Here
Buy Now $78.00 plus s/h

What makes vehicle electrical-electronics troubleshooting training from Veejer Enterprises so different is that we focus all our training efforts in auto/truck electrical and auto/truck electronic system troubleshooting training. Nothing else!

Since we specialize in electrical-electronics training it enables us to probe deeper into the subject and focus with unusual insight on what a service technician needs to know to successfully troubleshoot vehicle electrical problems & electronic problems without the burden of memorizing excessive electrical theory.

Our troubleshooting training techniques emphasize a hands-on approach to develop electrical troubleshooting skills faster. This helps a technician be a better hands-on auto/truck electrical-electronic system troubleshooter in much less training time.

A secure shopping cart is available to purchase our training products directly from our web site. Use our handy web page links to order.
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60 Vehicle Electronic Lessons Now On-Line
"The" Vehicle Electronics Training Course
Written for Home Study and is now available on-line.
For a one time fee of $249.00 you receive immediate and lifetime access to all 60 lessons with review tests. You can view the lessons on your PC, iPhone or iPad and print out lessons.
All the information about the 60 Lessons is presented in this dedicated web site.

There is a link at the top of that page to bring you back to this page!

Two "Hands-On" Vehicle
Electrical-Electronics Troubleshooting
Training Workshops in Dallas
Phase 1 & Phase 2

Check out our hands-on auto/truck electrical-electronics troubleshooting training workshops presented in Dallas, Texas. They are the fastest way to become a professional auto/truck electrical-electronic system troubleshooter. Make the commitment and get it done in one week in Dallas when the next workshop is scheduled.
These 2 links will explain our 2 hands-on workshops.

3-Day PHASE 1
Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

(Print Out a FREE Phase 1 Home Study Guide)

Can't make it to Dallas?

Print out the FREE Home Study Guide to review the Phase 1 Workshop Curriculum so you can see what's covered in Phase 1. Then, if you agree this electrical training will help you do electrical work and make more money you can purchase a complete Phase 1 curriculum and study at home at your own pace.
To print a FREE copy of the Study Guide to read

3-Day PHASE 2
Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop
A Phase 2 Study Guide will be available soon.

3- Day Phase 3
Advanced Vehicle Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

This workshop has been discontinued. The (blue) circuit board troubleshooting trainers have been released for sale. One complete set of circuit boards with a workbook totaling over 1000 pages is available for purchase while the supply lasts.
If you would like to look at some of the circuit boards and read about the Phase 3 curriculum CLICK HERE. To purchase a complete Phase 3 work station please call Vince at 972.276.9642 to discuss the details.

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CAN Bus Troubleshooting Training
CAN Bus circuit troubleshooting training is available with two options to select.
Click Here to read all about both CAN Bus training options.

Watch Vince Fischelli on YouTube explain excerpts from his book called "Vehicle Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS."

To watch Vince describing Veejer's hands-on electrical troubleshooting training kits in his trade show booth at Vision CLICK HERE.

In this 3 video series voice over with Peter Meier on You-Tube, Vince describes some of his electrical troubleshooting tips using the H-111A Starter Kit, a hands-on electrical troubleshooting trainer.

To view the program

For a list of electrical training videos by Vince Fischelli, with the assistance of Peter Meier, go to YouTube and type in "vince fischelli" in the search bar. You will see all video presentations. Some are excepts from Vince's book "Electrical SHORTCUTS."
Most videos are identified by the red Veejer logo.

To read about "Electrical SHORTCUTS" or buy CLICK HERE

Read our customer's testimonials . . . . .
 Take a few moments to VIEW our customer testimonials to see what others have to say about our electrical training. They tell you how our training programs have helped them advance their careers by learning to troubleshoot and repair auto electrical and auto electronic system problems faster and make more money along the way. 

Please send us your comments to our Guest Book and we will post your comments or personal testimony. We are especially interested in hearing from our students, former students, and workshop graduates as they share their electrical troubleshooting successes.

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