Solving Automotive Electrical Problems or
Truck Electrical Problems with the
Electrical System Troubleshooting Flip-Chart

FIRST THINGS FIRSTis an automotive electrical system or truck electrical system troubleshooting flip chart

Two Versions now available....
for one-battery 12-14V systems

for two-battery 12-14V systems

The test procedure consists of easy to perform vehicle electrical system voltage tests using only your DMM to find a low battery state of charge, weak battery while cranking, problems with the engine ground or accessory ground and problems with the generator (alternator) undercharging or overcharging voltage.

ALL YOU NEED IS A DMM - Most vehicles can be tested in less than 5 minutes with a little practice.

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It's easy to test a vehicle's primary electrical system when you follow along with the step-by-step instructions found in FIRST THINGS FIRST™. Total testing time is 5 minutes with a little practice. Record test results on a handy Test Results Form included on the last page of each flip-chart.

Begin finding those electrical problems you may have been overlooking!
FIRST THINGS FIRST™ shows you how to test and troubleshoot a vehicle's 12-14V electrical system like a true professional electrical technician so you don't miss or overlook the important things that could go wrong and affect vehicle operation.

The electrical tests covered in FIRST THINGS FIRSTshould be performed FIRST on any car or truck that has . . .

(1) an electrical system problem,

(2) an electronic system problem (such as a vehicle computer failure),

(3) or a no-code driveability problem (no DTC).

 FIRST THINGS FIRST™ guides an auto or truck service technician through simple yet effective voltage tests that pinpoint problems in a vehicle's primary electrical system that many technicians often misdiagnose or worse simply overlook.

Technicians using FIRST THINGS FIRST™ report that 75% of a vehicle's electrical problems, as well as, 35-40% of no- code driveability problems are quickly found using FIRST THINGS FIRST™ yet these service technicians previously have had little training in testing auto/truck electrical systems with a DMM. FIRST THINGS FIRST™ shows a technician how to do it step-by-step.

Stop wasting time changing electrical parts to see if it fixes an electrical problem. With FIRST THINGS FIRST™ you can identify electrical problems using only a DMM before you change expensive electrical parts that do not fix the vehicle's electrical problem.

FIRST THINGS FIRST™ verifies that the vehicle's battery, primary ground circuits, cranking and charging system are functioning properly. This is where most of a vehicle's electrical problems occur. Each of the 14 steps in FIRST THINGS FIRST™ follows a logical 14 step testing sequence which is thoroughly explained and illustrated on individual pages. Flip through the pages to follow the tests in numerical order. Most test steps offer suggestions on what to check if a DMM reading on any test step is incorrect.

FIRST THINGS FIRST™ is printed on 8.5x11 inch laminated cardboard pages so they will survive heavy shop use. Pages wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The latest version of FIRST THINGS FIRST™ includes testing procedure for vehicles with a "SMART-CHARGING SYSTEM" where the charging system voltage drops to 13 volts when the on-board computer confirms the battery has reached full charge.

A TEST RESULTS FORM is included on the last page of each FIRST THINGS FIRST™ version which can be copied to give the customer a copy of the test results. Paste your business card in the box at the bottom of the TEST RESULTS FORM and make copies of the Test Results Form to give a copy to your customer to shows the bad readings and the corrected readings after your electrical repairs.

Customers appreciate knowing exactly what they are paying for when you charge for this electrical service. Many shops charge a modest fee to perform FIRST THINGS FIRST™ and promote it as a valuable added benefit to their repair services. This will help you to generate additional repair income from electrical problems found that you previously might have missed.


Two Versions Now Available
One-Battery and Two-Battery 12V-14 electrical systems

Printed in black ink and laminated to hold up in heavy shop use
Professional version - 14 Test Steps - for vehicle service technicians
is $79.00.

Printed in black ink and laminated to hold up in heavy shop use
Professional version - 18 Test Steps - for vehicle service technicians
is $99.00.

FREE tutorial reviews a 12-14V electrical system and shows you how to perform these quick -- and professional -- electrical system voltage tests on automotive and truck electrical systems using only a DMM. Step 1 is included so you can sample how each step is covered.

Auto/Diesel Tech School Teachers
Here is how you can add this solid hands-on Electrical Training using FIRST THINGS FIRST™
in the classroom!
(Note this offer is for a single battery system)

This training program covers about 1/2 the A.S.E. and N.A.T.E.F.
task lists for electrical by simply teaching this electrical program and then having students perform the tests on vehicles. Then review with students the test readings for a follow up review.


Teacher Presentation Pkg. Part Number FTFSCH05

Teacher Presentation Pkg contains the following three items:

(1.) 1 copy of CDROM-FTF05
Includes the technical presentation on CDROM and illustrations of FIRST THINGS FIRST™ 14 step tests in 70 slides. Designed for classroom instruction as students follow along in their individual workbooks. Once you receive the CDROM you can download the Instructor Guide or we can email you a copy.

(2.) 6 copies of Student Workbook, Part Number FTFSWB05
Students follow along step-by-step taking notes as you cover the material using the Instructor Guide with all the technical explanations you need. The student workbook also contains test results forms for students to use when performing FIRST THINGS FIRSTon vehicles in the shop using one of the six copies of the laminated professional version of FIRST THINGS FIRSTincluded in this school package.
Purchase additional copies of the Student Workbook as needed.

(3.) 6 copies of FIRST THINGS FIRST™
laminated pro flip-chart.
Used by professional technicians since 1992 to uncover electrical system problems most often overlooked and the causes of no-code driveability problems. These flip-charts show students how to perform
Purchase additional copies of

Total School Package Cost $695.00
(plus shipping and handling)
Package price saves $122.40 if items ordered separately.

NOTE: CDROM-FTF05 must be licensed (authorized) by Veejer Enterprises. Licensing requires user to contact Veejer Enterprises after inserting CDROM into computer. CALL 972-276-9642 to authorize your CDROM-FTF05. The same teacher may purchase a second computer lifetime license (2nd License) to use the same FIRST THINGS FIRST CD in another computer for $99.00. If teacher or school desires a second CDROM-FTF05 only, the cost is $225.00 per CD for a lifetime license to use the curriculum. CDROM-FTF05 can only be used in the computer in which it is licensed (authorized).

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To purchase additional copies of FIRST THINGS FIRST
$79.00 each CLICK HERE

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