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Vince is a technical writer and trainer in automotive, truck and heavy equipment electrical and electronics troubleshooting training since 1985.
Vince was the Electronics Editor of IMPORT SERVICE Magazine
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A list and brief description of each PDF publication available from Veejer Enterprises follows below.
Programs are developed and written by Vince Fischelli

 CAN Bus Troubleshooting
"Some Things They Don't Tell You About CAN Bus Troubleshooting"

This 49 page training program discuses how the CAN Bus system operates and explains several ways to test the CAN Bus system on the vehicle. We demonstrate three ways to determine if CAN Bus data is flowing without using a lab scope. We explain the unique and dedicated CAN Bus transceiver circuit inside every control unit connected to the CAN Bus. We show you how to test the transceiver circuit in a control unit with common VOMs and DMMs to determine if it has likely failed to help the technician decide a new control unit is definitely needed. The training program concludes with a simple step-by-step CAN Bus troubleshooting procedure.

This training program contains 20 diagrams of schematics and illustrated electrical test procedures with 43 color photographs showing the step-by-step test procedures and readings obtained. Any tech can learn these simple electrical test procedures to restore the CAN Bus and repair common problems. This may be the first time some of this information has been made available to service technicians.

A PDF copy of "CAN Bus" is sent by return email after your credit card is processed:
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A printed 49 page CAN book version with 43 full color photos and 20 line illustrations is available.
$65.00 per copy


The Following Handouts Are For Students
in Tech Schools Only

Student Workbooks are available for purchase by tech school students to follow classroom instruction in a tech school class. These workbooks are not intended to be used as a home-study workbook. They do not have answers to questions. Student Workbooks are to be used in an Instructor led classroom only.

If you purchase one of these Student Workbooks designed to be used in a tech school classroom and receive it by PDF there is no refund. Be sure you understand before you order they do not have the answers to questions and are not wriiten to be used as a self study training program by someone studying at home. They are intended to follow your teacher's PowerPoint presentation.

"Multiple Battery Systems
12V-24V Troubleshooting"
Student Workbook
This Student Workbook covers troubleshooting multiple 12V/24V battery circuits after students have studied a single vehicle battery system (as found in Veejer's book called "Electrical SHORTCUTS".

The 12V/24V Student Workbook contains 23 pages of schematics and spaces to fill in answers as the Teacher presents the training program in the classroom. This is not intended to be a stand alone training program. It is to be used in a teacher led classroom.

A PDF copy of "12V-24V" Student Workbook is sent
by return email after your purchase is processed.
$10.00 per copy

Student Workbook
This is a Student Workbook that follows through the Power Point presentation of explaining the electrical principles a student should understand before attempting to perform FIRST THINGS FIRST on a vehicle in tech school.
The Student Workbook has blanks to answer questions by the student during the lecture session presented by the
Instructor before students practice the electrical testing hands-on in the shop.

These are the topics reviewed in this training program.
Three Things to Know About Your DMM.
Battery Voltage Testing
Battery Load Testing
Charging Voltage Testing
Voltage Drop Testing
This is followed by several copies of the FIRST THINGS FIRST
Test Results Form used to record test readings.

PDF copy of "FTF Student Workbook" is sent by return Email after purchase: Available Now!
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If you are interested in these electrical topics but aren't in a tech school that teaches this program you can get a copy of this electrical training with our electrical book
"Electrical Troubleshooting SHORTCUTS"

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Answers to CAN Bus Electrical Test by sent by Email
The answer to both Question 1 and Question 2 is 240 ohms.
If either wire, the CAN+ or CAN- wire is broken. the ohmmeter will sense both termination resistors through the remaining good wire which forms a series circuit of the two termination resistors placed between the test lead probe tips.

120 ohms + 120 ohms = 240 ohms (The Law of resistance in series)

Hint: If you don't see this concept consider this. An ohmmeter sends out an ohmmeter test electron current through any circuit existing between the ohmmeter probe tips. Start at the COM jack of the ohmmeter and trace through the termination resistor on the right, trace through the good CAN wire, then through the termination resistor on the left and back to the Volt/Ohm jack on the ohmmeter. You will see the test current flowing through the two termination resistors in series for a total of 240 ohms.

If measuring across the CAN+ wire and it is good you will read 0 ohms or just a few tenths of an ohm. If the CAN+ wire is broken you will read 240 ohms.

If measuring across the CAN- wire and it is good you will read 0 ohms or just a few tenths of an ohm. If the CAN- wire is broken you will read 240 ohms.

Check out the links on this web page if you are interested in more auto or truck electrical electronics troubleshooting training. A good place to begin auto or truck electrical training is with our book "Electrical SHORTCUTS."


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