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 1-Day Electrical Troubleshooting Workshop
personally presented by Vince Fischelli
If you want to sponsor a 1-Day Electrical Troubleshooting Workshop in your area call us at 972.276.9642 or email Vince at vince@veejer.com.

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If a workshop is not scheduled in your area and you are a technician or shop owner wanting this training, did you know you can purchase the same training program for home study?

It's called
The Starter Kit, H-111A.

It is the 1-Day Workshop in a box designed for home study.
It comes complete with two circuit board troubleshooting trainers, a Power Supply, a step-by-step Home-Study Workbook and an Instructor Guide with all the answers.
Click on this link to read about it.

 If you are a repair shop owner click here to see how you can purchase this training program for all your technicians at lower cost than having them all attend a 1-Day Workshop.

 If you are an auto/diesel tech school instructor click here to see how you can provide this electrical-electronics troubleshooting training to your students.

If you want to travel to Dallas to attend a 1-Day Workshop you can attend the first day of a 3-Day Workshop in Dallas. Click on this link.

If you want more than one day of electrical/electronics troubleshooting training then you should consider attending our three other workshops conducted in Dallas, Texas.

Click on the links below to read about them, get the dates and the cost is listed on the Registration Form included as a separate link on each web page. Any questions just call us at 972.276.9642.

3-Day Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

3-Day PHASE 2 Vehicle Electrical/Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

3-Day PHASE 3 Vehicle Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

Course Description of the
1-Day Troubleshooting Workshop

 Learn to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits in one day with Vince Fischelli's unique style of live hands-on troubleshooting training.  Become a technician that can repair electrical problems with decisive DMM troubleshooting instead of just changing a lot of parts. Others have learned this, why not you?

In this hands-on workshop Techs use a DMM to test and troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits with specially designed live circuit board troubleshooting trainers that simulate vehicle circuits. During the workshop, Techs practice with hands-on troubleshooting as shown at the left. NO TIME IS WASTED BUILDING CIRCUITS! These electrical circuit board troubleshooting trainers are fully constructed and ready for hands-on troubleshooting training.

Techs work and learn independently with expert instruction to guide them step-by-step. Techs learn to analyze the six most common ways vehicle circuits fail and how to tell if one or more problems exist in a vehicle circuit after making only two circuit voltage measurements. Then Techs practice over and over the best ways to measure voltage and resistance with these circuit board troubleshooting trainers. Techs learn how to interpret DMM readings with lots of hands-on practice to determine if a circuit has an electrical problem or not and what steps to follow to find any problem in a circuit. NO MORE GUESSING! AFTER THIS WORKSHOP A TECH WILL KNOW! Techs learn to distinguish between good and bad voltage and resistance readings in live circuits and how DMM readings change when common circuit problems are present, especially intermittent problems.

In this hands-on workshop Techs learn to troubleshoot and find open circuits, voltage drops and short-to-ground problems at any point in a vehicle circuit. Each Tech follows instructions to measure and test circuits like a professional auto/truck electrical system troubleshooter. In this intensive hands-on troubleshooting workshop, Techs develop hands-on skill by troubleshooting 32 individual electrical problems - one at a time - to perfect their troubleshooting technique. Practicing hands-on troubleshooting through 32 electrical problems helps Techs learn the inside secrets of finding circuit failures and boost their troubleshooting confidence. The next day on the job you can use what you learned in this workshop to quickly troubleshoot a vehicle circuit to find an open circuit, a voltage drop or a short-to-ground at any point in a circuit because you will know how.

Techs keep a 68 page workshop manual with notes, schematics, troubleshooting tips and DMM readings from the hands-on troubleshooting exercises to use for reference back on the job.

It only takes a one 8-hour day with this training program to learn how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical circuits correctly. Don't miss out on this rare and unique vehicle electrical circuit hands-on troubleshooting training opportunity!

Sponsor a workshop in your area or purchase the program for your personal home-study electrical troubleshooting training.

About the Instructor

  The Instructor is Vince Fischelli, President of Veejer Enterprises. To read about Vince's background click here. Then return to this page by clicking on the BACK arrow of your browser.

What You Will Learn in the 1-Day Workshop

 When Techs arrive at the workshop there are 24 troubleshooting trainer circuit boards lined up, ready and waiting for you to practice troubleshooting. These circuit boards help you to learn about circuit testing and troubleshooting principles under expert instruction. Each Tech works independently with the circuit boards because you don't learn troubleshooting by watching someone else do it. YOU LEARN TO TROUBLESHOOT BY DOING IT YOURSELF. With plenty of hands-on practice you learn by doing it until you get it right. You will learn how to read schematic diagrams. You will learn the right and wrong way to test and measure circuits with your own DMM. You will learn how to interpret DMM readings in circuits and tell good DMM readings from bad DMM readings. You will learn how circuits fail and what it takes to identify a circuit problem if a problem exists. If there is no problem in a circuit you will know that for sure as well.

The Tech at the left performing systematic, step-by-step troubleshooting tests, to determine what electrical conditions exist in the circuit. Techs learn and practice with hands-on application the correct ways to test and measure circuits. Techs learn how to recognize if a circuit is operating correctly, using only their DMM, and what is wrong if the circuit is not operating correctly. This is what "TROUBLESHOOTING" is all about. It takes hands-on practice to learn to troubleshoot electrical circuits. Then you practice with 32 electrical problems one at a time. You can troubleshoot circuits because we teach you what you need to know to become a professional level vehicle electrical circuit troubleshooter.

Techs independently troubleshoot each of the 32 electrical problems to practice their troubleshooting technique. The instructor inserts electrical problems on the bottom of the circuit boards (hidden from the Tech's view), such as an OPEN circuit, a VOLTAGE DROP or a SHORT-TO-GROUND, to duplicate how a circuit could fail if it were on an actual vehicle. Techs practice the troubleshooting steps covered earlier in the workshop to find 32 different voltage side and ground side problems as well as circuit load (actuator) problems. Techs write down all troubleshooting step sequences including the DMM readings in their workshop manual so they can review their work later with the instructor explaining each problem. In this way a tech is able to see how well he has done with his troubleshooting and make corrections in his technique before troubleshooting the remaining problems.

  Class size is limited to 12 so sign up early when a workshop is scheduled! It is not often this type of troubleshooting training comes along. DON'T PUT OFF REGISTERING TILL LATER. You may forget about it until all seats are taken. Check out our web site at www.veejer.com and VIEW our Guest Book. See what others say about taking our training and after attending our hands-on workshops.



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